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How to support a small business!

Do you have that favorite restaurant or maybe that hometown boutique where you always shop?

Small businesses need your help and support when it comes to succeeding and growing their business!

Tip #1 - Are you following them?

Follow your favorite coffee shop, local restaurant or that antique store in your downtown! Follow them on all their social media outlets (facebook, instagram, twitter)

Tip #2 - Like their Social Media Posts

As you are scrolling your facebook or instagram, give that business a thumbs up or a heart to show how much you like their business or maybe their sale!

Tip #3 - Leave a Comment

Leaving a comment can bring more people to their page and website!

Tip #4 - Finish strong and leave a positive review

They want to hear from you and what better way than leaving a positive review and telling them about your experience!

Let's help these small businesses grow and succeed! Get out and support a small business TODAY!

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